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Lease program for hotels

Most hotels in Bangkok serve grounded instant coffee to their guests, mostly for free on their room. However, it is publicly known that especially the Western tourists are spoiled with high quality single served capsules coffee in their home country.

Café Ron offers Bangkok hotels to meet with the request of most tourists to have high quality single serve coffee in their room. Therefor Café Ron started a lease program, favorable for both the hotels and the tourists. In this lease program the hotel gets free coffee machines with a commitment to buy at least 3 boxes of 50 compatible Nespresso coffee capsules per machine on a quarterly basis.

Of course you can place a coffee machine in all rooms in the hotel, however we notice that most hotels only equip at 25% - 50% of their rooms with a coffee machine. After this the room is upgraded from ‘standard/luxury’ to ‘luxury/luxury plus’ which implies extra income for the hotel and more positive hotel reviews by guests. Only 25% of the hotels that offer this upgrade also charge for the use of coffee capsules, just like most hotels do for using the drinks in the mini bar.

The headlines of the lease program are as follows:

  1. The hotel leases a number of coffee machines, with a minimum of 4 machines and a multiple of 4 machines (so 4, 8, 12, 16 etc. machines).
  2. On a quarterly basis the hotel buys 3 boxes (50 compatible Nespresso coffee capsules each) per machine on a quarterly basis; first quarter 4 boxes.
  3. The lease contract lasts for 24 months = 8 quarters.
  4. The coffee machines are for free but must be returned to Café Ron after the lease period of 24 months.
  5. The hotel is free to choose the blends of the coffee capsules (strengths 4, 7, 8, 10 on a scale of 12).

Please feel free to contact our sales representatives and apply for a free meeting in which they will show you the machine and, of course, you can taste the perfect single served coffee by yourself. And our sales representatives will tell you all the details of the lease contract.

You can reach us by email:
Or by phone: 064 279 6938.